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Skills For WorkYouth Employment and Skills Strategy Program

Helping Youth Achieve Employment Success

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Skills For Work assists youth seeking employment to acquire skills and knowledge to overcome employment barriers and to be successful in the job market, today and in the future.

Skills For Work program provides:

  • 5 week paid individual and classroom based employment readiness activities
  • 20-week paid work placement 
  • The employer receives financial assistance 
  • On-site job support  
  • Additional supports on the job 

Benefits to Participants

  • You earn wages while attending all weeks in the program 
  • Employability Skills Training prepares you to get and keep a job 
  • Skills assessment for job success
  • Resumé development and job search assistance
  • 20-week paid employment placement to practice skills, establish a work history and secure a reference; intention is permanent employment 
  • Assistance and support from our team to get and keep a job
  • On-the-job support and retention services

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the program, you must:

  • Have a barrier to employment
  • Be between 15 and 30 years of age at the time of the program 
  • Be out of school
  • Be looking for assistance to overcome employment barriers and to get a job

Contact Us

Contact your local office from the list of cities below (and surrounding cities within 15 km):

North Bay – (705) 498-6296
Sault Ste. Marie – (705) 945-1044 ext. 0
Sudbury – (705) 674-3377 
Thunder Bay – (807) 345-6595
Timmins – (705) 267-2183 ext. 0